About Islamic Societies Review

About ISR:

Islamic Societies Review (ISSN 2372-0379) is an independent digital news magazine that bring news and analysis of current events that touch on Muslims today.

The analysis essays and articles are written by some of the most informed writers and researchers. We also publish less than any other similar magazine: Quality over Quantity. Out of respect to our readers’ time.

The news stories (ISR Weekly) are about the most consequential events that happen around the world. Editors now cull through global media outlets from more than 120 countries to bring our readers the stories that matter most. We cull through more than 350 media outlets to identify stories about the most consequential events, so you don’t have to. Subscribe to ISR Weekly update.

The standard: We would like to be factual, but also biased. Facts matter. Truth matters. But the benefit of the doubt goes to the disempowered, not the powerful. Our readers deserve the truth in reporting; but the oppressed also deserve a voice.


  • Respect.

Authors, Contributors, Readers:

ISR publishes research notes that are team-produced. All other authors must submit their work for editorial review before appearing on the main site.

Authors may limit access to their work to subscribers only. Both authors and readers may need to register to access some of the content of ISR. Registered readers are able to comment on articles, registered authors will be able to publish their own articles and comment on articles published by others.

Guidelines for pitching an article to ISR:

  • The topic, tone, and style must be appropriate to ISR,
  • Brevity: Your pitch is not a summary or an introduction of your article; tell your main idea in a sentence or two,
  • Credibility: Author(s) must have the training, background, sources, and resources to write about the topic; be prepared to submit CV,
  • Focus: best articles are single idea, single theme articles,
  • Estimate the length of the article; indicate if there will be images, graphics, tables, and/or other media, and
  • Use the online form, give some thought to the subject line; state clearly if content is original or any parts of the article has been previously published.

Republishing and republished  content:

Authors (or their representatives) may republish relevant articles, in the original language or in translation, that were initially published elsewhere provided that they hold the rights to do so. Readers may recommend content, recommendations will be reviewed by an Editor before they are published on the site.

To encourage wide dissemination of authors’ work, and unless otherwise noted, articles first published with Islamic Societies Review can be republished, with these conditions in mind:

  • You cannot edit our material, except to reflect relative changes in time, location and editorial style,
  • If you’re republishing online, we request link to ISR,
  • You may put our articles on pages with ads, but not ads specifically sold against our articles,
  • You cannot republish our material wholesale, or automatically; you need to select stories to be republished individually,
  • You have to credit us – ideally in the byline. We prefer “Author Name, Islamic Societies Review.”

Republished Content:

In addition to publishing original content, ISR may republish articles that are highly relevant to the topics we cover that were submitted to other partner publishers, adapt  articles for in-depth coverage of shorter articles originally submitted to partner publishers, or adapt long articles that could not be published by media outlets that have strict limits on length and with whom ISR collaborates (ISR has a higher uppler limit of 10,000). Submission for articles that fall under this category may be submitted by the author(s) or by the publisher. All submissions are subject to editorial review that may take 8-15 days–please be patient.

Researchers and Editors Wanted:

Islamic Societies Review platform offers independent journalists, researchers, and students an opportunity to work an incredible team whose members are passionate about the work they do and the values they uphold. Applications for Internships are accepted year around. Paid Internships are available for interns who have been with ISR for at least one academic semester.

For open paid positions, please consult the job announcement gateway.

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