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Islamic Societies Review aims to leverage knowledge to inform the public, to enlist academics and experts to distinguish between facts and alternative facts, and to contribute to the growing body of independent media. 

To Write for Islamic Societies Review and affiliate sites, you must be:

– Active or emeritus faculty member in an academic or research institution with research and/or teaching interests in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies broadly construed,
– A student focusing on the study of Islamic societies and Islamic thought, or
– A journalist or journalism student covering Islamic thought and Muslim communities.

Once you register as an author, your application will be reviewed by an editor and, if approved, an “Author Account” will be created for you.

Since Islamic Societies Review serves as a repository of content on Islamic thought and Muslim communities, and while we encourage authors to publish original, timely content, authors may post their own work that was originally published elsewhere, granted that they hold the copyright permission to do so.

If an author does not wish to register but still would like to publish/republish, author, or representative/reader of the author, may send the article (0r link thereof) and, upon editorial review, the article may be published on behalf of the author, as “Referred Content.” Author may register at a later date and request that all their content be transferred and tagged to their author account.

Conflict of interest disclosure: By submitting an article to ISR, author is disclosing that they do NOT work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding or other benefits from any company or organization that is the main subject of the article. The conflict does not have to be real, the mere appearance of conflict is enough for our purposes.

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