Raisi and Xi in China

Where is Iran’s position in the Russian war against NATO?

by Emad Abshenass * When the former Soviet Union collapsed, and the eastern bloc called the “Warsaw Pact” collapsed, there was hope to end the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and start a new era of international relations, based on dealings between countries instead of hostility, with the starting point of competition Read more

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Western bloc to keep moving heaven and earth to exhaust Russia: another world war has just begun

by Walid Sharara* Whoever doubts that the war in Ukraine is a global proxy war still, should review the positions issued by American and Western officials over the past few days. They no longer hesitate to reveal the actual objectives of the war they are waging against Russia. The revealing statement made by US Defense Read more

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Erdogan-Putin Summit: Context and prospect for agreements

Speculation increased about the summit that took place between the Turkish and Russian presidents in Sochi about what the two leaders had agreed upon, especially since the summit took place behind closed doors and did not include the presence of any additional officials from the two parties, although Turkish intelligence chief Hakan Fidan was among Read more

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